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What do I think of Ortho K?  Brilliant.

Been wearing these about five months now. I previously had soft lenses. They were not great for work as I am on a computer a lot.

Comfort is never an issue now as I’ve no lenses in during the day. And, the vision is excellent.

Brilliant. Absolutely the best decision I ever made for my eyes.

Saudi Arabia. User since 2009.

It is brilliant not having to consider glasses and being able to see in the gym in the mornings. Great going out in the evenings and not having to contend with contact lenses which can became uncomfortable because of dryness and made my eyes tired.

They are beneficial and I would definitely recomme…


Life changing … (Ortho K) totally changed my life. I used to go out and be aware my lenses were in and couldn’t wait to take them out again….   Being able to see when you wake up……   No problems in an airplane or going into shops….

2013 wearer since 2006