Ortho K Lenses

Ortho K Lenses


Ortho K Lenses are special, individually designed retainer lenses that provide normal vision without the need for glasses, daytime contact lenses or surgery.


They are worn at night and removed in the morning leaving comfortable clear vision throughout the waking hours. As the vision is normal when taken out (sounds strange but true!), they are ideal for an active lifestyle, professional sport, dry eye sufferers who can’t wear normal contact lenses or have laser surgery, hostile work environments, sitting in front of the computer all day or if you just don’t want to wear spectacles.

They are also able to stop eye sight getting worse where short sight is developing. Are you very short sighted? Have you a child following in your visual footsteps? Then maybe Ortho K Lenses will be beneficial to your child in a) stopping the vision getting worse (there is now lots of evidence to back this claim) and b) give a much needed confidence boost at school and for sport. Children can routinely be fitted as young as eight with a little parental support and, often, children quicker with Ortho K Lenses than adults.

Now you what they do, what do they actually look like. As you would expect of something that goes in the eye, they are quite small, pale coloured and made of sophisticated plastic. Here is a picture of one of mine against a ruler. This one is blue but my other lens is green. You can also get them in a lilac/red colour. Using different colours makes it easy to see which lens is for which eye.

When cut through the middle and looked at under a microscope it looks like an upside down soup plate: the flat outer zone is tuned so that the lens sits comfortably and is stable on the eye. The ‘soup’ holding area is filled with tears – the centre comes very close but doesn’t quite touch the front of the eye. It is this wedge shape tear film, from centre out, that creates a gentle vision correcting pressure.