Lenses After Laser

Ortho K Lenses after laser….

Laser clients can be very happy with the standard of vision following surgery. The way the cornea reacts following surgery differs between individuals: the structural changes to the eye are complex, which partly explains why certain occupations don’t permit the procedure. Also, the variation in the longer term results depends on the type of procedure as well as the tissue type of the client.

The net effect of all this is that short sightedness can return after a period of time. Laser companies sometimes offer ‘retouch’ to try and eliminate the new prescription. Not everyone is keen on having laser again and further treatment cannot guarantee the eye remaining stable.

Applying a variation on the principle of Ortho k have been successful in correcting prescription changes after laser. A lens in one eye may be all that is required to restore clear comfortable vision again. Candidates usually are former contact lens wearers so have little trouble adapting to the Ortho k lenses.

Case study 1:

Stephen had laser surgery in 2002 having grown intolerant to his hard lenses. He was initially very please with his new found vision. In early 2006, he was noticing that driving at night was getting more difficult and he found distinguishing players across the pitch at football matches harder. Testing found his right eye has slipped to -1.50D and left eye -0.75D. As the left eye prescription was slight, it was decided to only correct his right eye. After just night of wear, he was happy to find that his vision was restored to post-laser levels. The slight prescription in his left eye did not affect him (it actually helped him with reading as he is in his forties). He has been seen annually since and is due routine check in late 2013.

Case study 2:

Bryan had laser around 2001 having worn contact lenses for a number of years. He was happy for a number of years until he began to notice vision for driving and at  night deteriorating. Until 2012, he had glasses that he kept in the car. He came across Ortho k on the Internet and was curious to try it. After a couple of lens changes, he has good vision for distance and night driving, once again enjoying renewed freedom from glasses.