Laser Surgery Alternative

Laser eye surgery alternatives …..

Laser surgery has been around for over twenty years. It is widely advertised and world wide hundreds of thousands of people have had the procedure. As a result of the amount it is advertised, celebrity endorsements and High St availability, the public have come to believe that anybody can have it and that it is completely safe.

However, how it is marketed and the claims made about it, have come in for recent censure from regulatory bodies, for not making clear the risks that are associated with laser treatment.

Around 30% of candidates are not suitable for laser treatment due to dry eye. A significant number of laser patients require the use of artifical tear drops (and/or punctual plugging) for months after treatment.

This is before you consider correction errors and healing issues that can occurs. Like all things, laser surgery is another example that life is not perfect.

So what are the alternatives? (Ignoring contact lenses and spectacles as that is what people usually want to be able to do!)

Ortho K is the safe alternative to laser surgery. Unlike laser, if the outcome is not achieved simply stopping the ocular orthodontic allows the eye to return to its previous state within five days. Laser takes away precious ocular tissue so the only way to alter the result is to remove more tissue. Ortho K lenses can be altered to adjust the outcome as required.

People believe having laser surgery corrects the vision for life but this is not the case for everyone. Natural changes in the eye over time can result in the need for spectacle or contact lens correction again. Ortho K lenses can be used to safely eliminate the change in prescription without the need for more laser treatment, while still providing daytime freedom from glasses and contact lenses.