Eye Mapping

What is involved in the fitting procedure and how long to get the lenses?

orthokLaserDuring the fitting procedure, there is a careful examination of the health of the front of your eyes and eyelids. Questions about previous eye health and allergies will be asked.

Detailed measurements are taken using a corneal topographer from which a map of theĀ  front of eye is produced. Looking into the topographer, rings of red light are shone onto the eye and the reflections recorded. These reflections have the details of thousands of reference points allowing a corneal map to be assembled.

Using your corneal maps and details of your prescription, lenses are individually designed to produce your first pair of lenses. These lenses are checked for fit and vision correction at your collection appointment. You will be taught how to place and remove the lenses and how to take care of them. We will review the care of your lenses at subsequent visits.


Before & After Eye map – blue area shows where prescription as been neutralised.

At your day 1 appointment (which is early on the first day you wake up wearing lenses), it is extremely important that you arrive wearing your lenses. This is probably the only time you will be asked to do this BUT is so important to the success of your prescription neutralisation program. At this appointment, vision is checked and your eyes assessed with and without the lenses. Correction score is analysed to ensure you have obtained a satisfactory first night result. If everything is okay, another appointment will be scheduled for about one week later and you will continue to wear the lenses nightly.

At subsequent visits, further maps are produced for comparison with the previous visits to monitor the consistency of changes in the eye’s prescription.